Your seating requirements

If you are looking for a dining solution, it can be difficult to know exactly what your options are! 

Generally a 4ft table with seat up to 4 diners 

(one either side and one at each end) 

Ordering an Old Summerhouse vintage bench will add a diner, so for a 4ft table with a dining bench you will probably be able to squeeze in five diners. 

Most of our c ustomers who order a 4 ft table will order 4 chairs  or a bench and 3 Chairs to maximise seating 




5ft tables generally seat up to 6 ( 2 seated down each length with 2 at either end ) 

Adding a vintage bench to your order will add an extra seat.

Most of our customers who order 5 ft tables order 6 chairs or a combination of bench and four chairs to maximise seating  




6ft tables will seat 8 ( 3 down each length and 2 at either end) 

a 6ft bench will add an extra seat for up to 9. 

Most of our customers who order a 6ft table order 8 chairs, or a Combination of bench and 5 chairs to maximise seating