How to create the perfect vintage and modern style mix!

Posted by Julie France on

Here at the Old Summerhouse, we love the unique look created by mixing up flea market French and antique finds, up-cycled pieces, maybe an old cabinet or chair passed down in your family, along with a touch of bling and/or bang on trend, uber modern clouts of high tech! 

Think... Darling Buds of May meets Sex in the City! And maybe a touch of the 'Jane Fonda's in Barbarella! ( kinky boots an option!) 

This image is Jane Fonda's actual home! Vintage style art and French style chests and rugs mixed with modern.. how wonderful. Is that! 

One of our signature products is creating 'mismatched' chairs and dining sets. These are sourced from orignal vintage pieces to create a unique set chalked using pretty French colours to give a real 'bespoke' collected over time look. 

We love the idea too of mixing up the Old with the new for a really unique twist and to create a space entirely individual to you!


Adding just one vintage style piece to an otherwise modern interior ( or viva versa) creates a real air of interest and lifts your look beyond simply buying a whole room of furniture in one range.. 

The magic also of creating your own look gives you the 'win' of having your guests and friends having 'no idea at all' as to where you have shopped! Giving you the 'shopping guru air of mystery!'


Use traditional rustic tables , such as refectory style rustic pieces from our 'Shetland' range 

 or Old Summerhouse original vintage painted farmhouse styles ..

. coupled with 'iconic' design mid centuary pieces such as the wonderful 'Eames' chair in 'space-age' white

....and maybe adding a few traditional farmhouse chairs in pops of colour.. these chairs were our 'panelist chairs' for the Great British Bake off! Still can't quite Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood sat on them! Bright modern colours which were chosen specifically by the BBC production team to match a 'modern/vintage brief ,  ... 

A wonderful rustic bench would complete the look. 


Dont be shy about adding some of the best of the 'flat pack' to mix up your design or maybe even modern pieces with a country vintage style. Many manufactured pieces are finished by hand and we have a fabulous range of gorgeous dressers to mix it all up in Farrow and Ball shades, pretty neutrals in grey and cream and oak tops of quality

We make sure all our pieces have been sourced with either quality workmanship or can bring you the style with a budget price and maybe a few hours having a 'flat pack party' with your friends! ( pizza and fizz a requirement!) 

Working with colours can be worrying, so if in doubt, stick with neutral colours on larger pieces and use colour to accessorise with smaller items such as cushions, throws, table cloths, etc., 

Candles are a great way of playing around with colour until you have hit upon your colour pallet nirvana!  They are cheap and allow you to practise with colour. Live with with them sitting happily on your dining table until you decide if that colour is for you. 


Mixing up your vintage and contempary look can be achieved really simply, using cushions and throws.

Vintage florals... 

can be fused wonderfully with natural textiles such as linen and wool, with a pop of modern with copper or silver

Texture can be used as a neutral foil for your original vintage French linens and cushion covers! We especially love French ticking! Navy blue is traditional

whilst the pink is well... utterly swoonsville! 


A pretty French style dressing table or chest



perhaps with a stack of vintage books next to your bed, as a 'bedside' table with maybe a sheet of Perspex added  and a vase of pretty flowers! a ( MUST HAVE!)



We also love the idea of 'mismatched' bedside tables, maybe a little French style table from a nest of tables one side of your bed..



A vintage style trunk...



.... and an Old Summerhouse vintage chair the other side of your bed for a unique look.

Large oversized french style mirrors also look amazing and fill an otherwise plain wall area.


 Visit The Range for fall-over backwards cheapness if you are on a budget or pop to our new spring collection for the most 'to-die-for' French 'leaner' mirror!



A great way to while away a Saturday is scouring your local charity shops or cute old style bookshop to create your book selection!  they are often available for pennies! When you are maybe taking a vintage style British seaside holiday 'stay-cation' there are usually lots of gorgeous little book shops for when it's too wet to visit the beach! 

Traditional style 'Observer' books are soo cute! Often the sleeves may be a bit weathered but slip off the covers and hey presto! 

Perfect to being a touch of vintage style without breaking the bank! 


- mix vintage and new fabrics 

- don't be afraid to experiment with the best of the flat pack that won't break the bank, and change it up with original vintage pieces 

- think greys, neutrals, stripes mixed with original vintage florals 

- add a couple of really ultra modern pieces such as lighting 

- mix in original vintage pieces with 'iconic' style designs 

- have fun and create your own unique space!