Gallery Wall dreaming!

Posted by Julie France on

One of the most stylish statements with a 'wow' factor you can create in your home for very little cost and a wonderful way to while away a weekend is a gallery wall.


A good place to start is charity shops, car boot sales and local craft fairs for a really bespoke original frames! 

Try to see beyond the image in the frame as that can be whipped out, so have your eye on the prize! 

Many stockists such as TK Maxx offer one off frames for a good price and The Range has amazing frames for a few pounds! 

If you want a more formal display, use matching frames and hang them symmetrically. 


For a more casual look, try different frames in different sizes with an organic shape.

if you are mixing frame styles, then the general rule is to keep to a colour theme. Three colours which blend well together from a colour pallet gives a really interior designed look rather than the usual two colours we always tend to go with when doing home DIY.


For instance, black, white and a neutral shade, and maybe even a touch of bling in terms of silver! 

Black and white images look stunning when mixed with three neutral colour frames ( for example black, white and grey) 

Having a specific theme can really add to the impact ( such as places you love or would wish to visit, family portraits or even images of your beloved pet! 

Dont forget to mix it up too with other wall hanging items such as clocks, vinyls, metal hanging art and positive word themed prints and get creative! 



A tip on hanging, it's useful to cut around your frames first on brown paper or left over Christmas wrapping, or anything you have to hand that needs recycling,  place each cut out on the floor to create the overall shape and THE best tip.... hang the frames ONLY First, adding your images afterwards!