10 tips for a gorgeous 'interior design' inspired home!!

Posted by Julie France on

We  all love looking at glossy magazines of home interiors, showing elegant rooms styled to beyond gorgeous and dreaming of our own homes having that magic touch!

It all seems effortlessly simple, but can leave us in head scratching mode wondering how to achieve those fabulous rooms!

However, professional designers follow a few simple rules which scream 'elegance' and take your interiors up a level, creating gasps from your friends as to where you got your fabulous ideas and pieces from!

Here are ten fabulous tips to create a chic and wonderfully styled look! 

1. Pick your accessories wisely! If you aren't too confident about mixing colours for accessories, one fabulous way is to keep to the same colour pallet, ( as this gorgeous image here in greys) and simply add different 'textures' to create a strong visual effect. Use cosy warm 'hand-made' fabrics such as wool, mixed in with a floral and checked pattern for interest and add a touch of 'lux' with velvet!

This is called 'tonal' design. It is currently UBER 'on trend' too. With this idea of a single colour being taken right through a whole room with a splashes of black and white to lift the look!

2. Black is the NEW grey!!!

Black can give your space a fabulous dramatic look! Walls painted in black are amazing when a silk finish is chosen, which will reflect the light beautifully! Furniture looks simply amazing when placed in front of it, and gives a real 'showcased' look! Farrow and Balls best selling colour at time of writing is 'Downpipe' a very dark charcoal, however this does have a more period 'matt' look... 

... but does work well in country style or more tradional spaces.

The top money this year is on silky finishes...Keep the look balanced with plenty of natural woods, white and lots and lots of soft lighting! Cram as many forms in as your budget will allow! Black works fabulously with country home looks, French style homes and uber modern! Feel the fear and go for it!

3. Ditch the tie backs! And drape as long as you dare! Tie backs are not a good look for your uber stylish window dressing!

Drape your curtains as long as possible! Consider getting yours specially made, companies such as Hilary's Blinds do fantastic offers or find a local crafty lady to assist, so times this can work out cheaper than buying off the shelf curtains... or if you are handy with a sewing machine, find a contrasting material to add length to your shop bought variety. Adding sumptuous materials such as lace, velvet and silks look fabulous! 

4. Free standing art This is a fabulously elegantly 'casual' look which screams under-styled and chic! Trawl second hand shops, car boots and charity shops for unusual art.. or mix and match a quirky image with some budget shop bought ones. The Range and Homesense have some fabulous bargains... art displayed on the floor is a major player in creating a wonderfully styled home.


Buy three in different sizes and layer them up. Maybe lean then casually on your mantle piece or in an other wise unused spot ( make sure your clever display isn't somewhere easy for tripping purposes!!) another fab idea is to create a wall gallery, where the art trails effortlessly to the floor!

Use different textured frames to add to the impact. 

5. Free standing 'over-sized' mirrors. This works fabulously with all sorts of decor styles. The bohemian French style works particularly well.. once again the Range ( I should be on commission!!!! ....) has a fabulous collection of huge mirrors at. Bargain price! Or if you are feeling flush, look on eBay for the real deal!!

For a really opulent look, display two different sized mirrors overlayed..

6. Choose three colours.. we all usually decide to choose two colours for our interiors and go hell for leather finding any accessory, throw, vase or any item at all as long as it is in our two colour scheme! This gives a very contrived look which can actually confuse the eye! Using a third colour will take your home designs skyrocketing to 'interior-designed'.

The magic is ANY colour can be added to your two colours even if in the real world it doesn't seem to 'go??' The trick is to use only 10% of it in your overall scheme.

So maybe one large piece and few other smaller ones such as a large throw, cushions, a vase and some pretty colour block candlesticks and you have hit the button! , it's very easy to achieve and gives your space a really 'finished' look. 

7.Oversized lighting.... one huge piece of statement lighting can totally give your space a glossy mag type look! 

Pick up a bargain on EBay or Amazon and TK maxx or go for the lux edition with a trip to John Lewis or for the adventourous maybe try and find a specialised website selling bespoke pieces.

You can often get some amazing pieces cheaper than you think.


Display in groups of three for a real impact! 

8. Cram small spaces! We tend to try and keep smaller rooms and spaces with minimal pieces and decor. Smaller spaces look awesome when filled to the brim with interesting pieces!

Use every bit of your wall space for art, mirrors and also for storage! 

This would be a perfect solution for a child's bedroom with limited storage! 

Bargain shelving can be found in your local Facebook selling pages, B&Q and even in skips if you are brave enough!!

9. Hanging hearts are soooo over..... actually I don't care about that advice as I love them and will use them anyway... so there.... 😛


10. Mix up your styles! Buying one whole range of furniture can be a little 'ditzy do' and can look a little flat and static... so mix up your styles and ranges!

If you completely love one range or style furniture, be brave and substitute at least one piece and accessories such as cushions or throws in a completely different style! For instance in a contemporary room, add an original vintage or vintage inspired piece, or in a French style add some bang up to date modern accessories with maybe a touch of bling! Mix it up and have fun!